Importance of art essay

Please join StudyMode to read the full document. Art brings beauty into our world. Art is important because it makes our world a better place. It also brings a sense of enjoyment and pleasure. Art allows for the expression of truth and beliefs.

importance of art essay

Some art challenges our beliefs. Other works affirm our faith. Art is an important tool in causing us to examine our beliefs in light of an artists' rendition or perception of truth. Art has the ability to transport us to a different time and place. It allows us to gain historical perspective and understanding. Art allows us to appreciate different periods in history and their impact and significance in our world. Art immortalizes people, places, and events. Artists create a visual record of life experiences commemorating the memorable and challenging social injustices, such as slavery and abuses, in time.

Artists serve as historians in this role, documenting life on canvass, photography, or sculpture. Art may be used to express chaos and misunderstanding, or to establish order from what appears to be chaos. Art helps us organize our world.

It is one means by which we understand our society and culture, and the society and cultures of others. Art is important as an intellectual stimulant. A good artist advances culture and civilization by provoking thought, introspection, and I always had difficulty remembering the formulas and all the different rules.

With no motivation and no interest, my grades quickly suffered. I was always watching movies and television instead of doing homework. So when I saw that I could take acting class as an elective in high school, it was obviously my first choice.Usually, the idea of art recalls images of grand, undecipherable paintings hung in lofty galleries, being admired by a motley group of elegant elites in high heels and pince-nez.

Or unkempt writers penning beautiful words at a wooden desk in a lonely beach house. Whatever the image may be that is conjured up by your mind at the mention of art, one thing remains pretty common: it is not something we associate with the daily grind of existence.

It is something far away from the daily chores and slogging, something to be enjoyed only in leisure, and perhaps never completely understood. But it does not have to be that way. If you think about it, art is in fact pretty much part and parcel of our lives, and has a bigger influence on us than we realize.

In this article, let us see the different ways in which art impacts us every day. Art, in its many forms, is something that we usually indulge in at our leisure. Each of us have our own choice of art that we enjoy- some of us might like to readsome paint, while others watch movies.

Each of these is a separate form of art in its own right, and they all provide the much needed respite from our daily hectic lives. While we are enjoying a piece of art- whether by actively creating the art or appreciating an existing creation- we are transported away from our daily grind for the time being, which in turn energizes us and leaves us more capable of handling life after the intermission.

All art brings peace and tranquility in its own way. But each of these caters to a particular audience, and for that niche set, it brings peace.

On the other side of the table, art is often an expression of pent up emotions, which bring peace in the wake of their release. Art is not just something the artist creates to showcase their talents. More often than not, art begins to take form when there is a need for expression of thoughts and emotions that cannot be expressed otherwise.

It is said that all art is a confession, and it is true to an extent. The subject matter of all art stems out of unexpressed ambitions, anger, joy, love, or frustration. And this has broader implications too; psychologists across the world probe the journals and artworks of their patients to get a glimpse into their psyche. It is not easy to live with bottled up feelings that find no outlet. Art provides that outlet to us. When we write a journal at the end of the day, we pour our hearts out in that piece of paper.

When we carve a piece of wood or strum on our guitar, every stroke expresses something we are feeling at the moment.Generally, an art essay is an essay that talks about art in sculpture, paintings, architecture, music and portraits.

Like every other essay, there are general tips that should be considered when coming up with an art essay writing topic.

The art essay topics determine the kind of structure to build on. However, most have a standard art essay structure. The Mona Lisa is one of the most known paintings in the world. This is the painting of Lisa Gherardini, the wife of Francesco Del Giocondo, believed to have been painted in the 16th century.

The Mona Lisa is currently under the ownership of the French government. The Mona Lisa is the painting that everyone wants to see. It is so precious that only a copy of it is actually showcased in the museum. The Mona Lisa has inspired artists all over France. There has been a rise of many artists including Camille Pissarro, a painter, and Etienne-Jules Marey, a photographer. It is clear that the Mona Lisa is the soft spot in France.

The French take pride in it and have used it to improve their lives.

Importance of Art in the Society

Besides its contribution to art, it has also placed France among the leading countries that celebrate art. This has therefore created a culture of being drawn to art and it is reflected in their way of life.

An art essay introduction identifies the art and the artist. Art is diverse, as it could be sculptures, architecture, performing arts or paintings in it. This is where you state why you chose that topic. It also contains a history of the said art and brief details, like who the artist is, the year, the location, etc.

The introduction for an art essay states the thesis. It may be a general statement about the art or a specific aspect of it.

The thesis statement should be simple and easy to write about.We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. It's Free! It is usual human nature to admire the beauty around us, such as we are often awe-struck when we see a painting, or read a beautiful poem, or listen to soothing music! Art is everywhere around us in many forms and holds a significant value in our lives. It could be abstract, realistic, naturalistic, conceptual, and inspirational.

It is agreeable that we are surrounded by Art and also rely on it in our daily routine. Stop Using Plagiarized Content. You would find rhythm and harmony in the way furniture is placed; photographs adorn a wall, paintings hung above the sofa or any particular artefact placed in a corner or centrepiece on a coffee table etc.

Arts have many forms — visual and performing arts are the ones that could be related easily. Visual arts broadly comprise of paintings, drawing, clay modelling, architecture, photography etc.

It is inter-related with Entertainment. When you make people enjoy, laugh, cry, and angry by your performance, that is the art of entertaining.

There is a big world of Entertainment and almost all of us find solace watching their work. Music has a great impact on our mood; it makes us joyful and relaxes us and keeps the energy on. Not only music but also movies, plays and theatre also make us active. This reveals how much we are hemmed in by Arts and Entertainment. It could be concluded that the importance of Arts in our lives is very similar to entertainment. Nowadays Art and Craft Education are encouraged at schools for children as it provides a platform for the young ones to express and explore their imagination.

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It could be very inspirational as well. Learn the Estimated Price for a Custom Paper writers online. See Pricing. Submit Task and Start Chatting. Importance of Art in Our Life It is usual human nature to admire the beauty around us, such as we are often awe-struck when we see a painting, or read a beautiful poem, or listen to soothing music!

Importance of Art in Our Life. Socrates Versus Nelson Mandela.Art is a form of human expression. Art can be seen as the artist sleight of hand on his mood. Art is elusive as the use of colors shapes and the surface used adds a new dimension. Art portrays various ideas, feelings such as triumph, love, happiness, sorrow and boredom in loss to mention a few.

Art is beauty and creativity. When I was growing up, the arts were incorporated into my young life. From acting out characters in play, to coloring with crayons. I am not the only person who is introduced to the arts at a young age, in fact most children are shown the interesting aspects of the artistic world.

The introduction of arts in a child's life can spark his or her development, and prepare his or her for a life filled with opportunities of learning and fun. Art education is often underestimated by many who believe that school was created to teach only analytical concepts such as mathematics and literature.

However, research has shown that art courses are important, even necessary for students in elementary, middle, and high schools. These art classes may include not only visual arts but performing arts such as dance, theatre and choir. The Importance of Art to Society and its Achievements Art has conquered the imaginative aspects of human culture for centuries. Humans have always had the drive to either create, or at least experience a creation.

The ever increasing dropout rates are showing that teachers are not able to stimulate and interest their students.

Importance of Art in Our Life

Children and teens are losing their ability to think creatively and on higher level because of the lack of arts education in public schools. If all children had this privilege, they would have higher test scores, would more likely go to college, and less likely to commit crimes. Students who graduate from high school are drones of a test-centered, strict curriculum.

Many people fail to recognize the importance of Art education within schools for their benefits on the students are tremendous. It is a sad reality when school systems decide to cut back or redirect funds from art programs just because they are electives. In the past, there have been many ways how this problem was dealt with, some include: petitions, riots, taking people to court, etc. These methods of solving this and many other problems work, but only to a certain degree.

Only time will tell when. Unfortunately, she is entirely correct.

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We are currently seeing in our country a dramatic cut in arts education curriculum in our public schools. Literature Review In reviewing the literature about the importance of art in education, three themes presented themselves repeatedly.

Those three topics will be addressed in the following.

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These decisions lead to my pursuit of knowledge. It is not just in decision making that I use a network of ways of knowing. Examining this title made me realize that ethics and the arts are two areas of knowledge that I most identify with. Realizing this, lead me to believe that each individual relies on a personal web of ways of knowing to gain knowledge depending on their interests and identity. Home Page The Importance of Art. The Importance of Art Words 4 Pages.The form is the gate way and the eye is the key which helps to unlock the content or the meaning behind the great symbolism for our minds to decipher.

Art is a language and if you want to speak to anyone from any generation just create something symbolic. Black figure Greek amphora depicting Theseus and the minotaur:. Art has always been known to be one of the most elementary and natural ways of expressing ourselves throughout history.

importance of art essay

One of the things that people might forget is that there is so much more to art than what they generally know; the various artists in history that have accomplished innovations which deeply impacted art in the past. Such artists were the ones who lived during the Proto and High Renaissance and shaped art into a subject that is diverse with its media and stylistic techniques, which. The importance of original art is very important to me. Like many pop artist, such as, Andy Warhol or James Rosenquist, I thrive off of the simplicity of an image and representation.

I believe that it may be hard to come up with a new ideas, which sometimes even stops me dead in my tracks. Therefore, it is essential to learn and utilize art because it allows a person to understand and see the world in many perspectives, as well as it cooperates in the process of understanding human development, especially scientifically wise.

It is crucial to learn about art because art is a form of human expression. In an academic perspective, art allows students to learn about themselves, their.

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I always had art as an outlet for many things, and soon I became addicted to colors, shades, and designs. To me, it is vexing when others hold an obvious distaste for trying anything new or creative. These two different settings differentiate who I am as a character and as an upcoming artist in the future. Music to me is an art itself and my drawing style translates into the type of music I listen to.

For instance, the coloring aspect of my drawing style would translate into pop culture like artists like Ariana Grande and Fifth Harmony. The darker side of my drawing aspect. How to find inspiration is something everyone struggles with in the creative fields. Our cognitive biases reaffirm our beliefs, shielding us from accepting. This has been a controversial topic for a numerous amount of years with teens, parents, and even school staff! To an innumerable amount of students, the arts tend to be their favorite class of the day, these classes include Drama, Music, Choir, and several other classes!

Throughout the defense of my argument that The Awakening is art I will also explore themes relating to censorship in art, literature, and in the novel specifically. It is widely known that up until the 17th century art was defined. Art is something that can be more influential than words, it let's one express themselves in a way that words do not.

Art has heavily impacted the society we live in, beyond paintings and 2-D images. For example the musical, West Side Story had an enormous impact on the world around it.

On a smaller scale, a mural in rural Morrison, IL, reminds viewers of the importance of community art. Art is one of the most expressive ways humans communicate. Although verbal argument is one of more well known ways to get ideas across, I now realize art in persuasion can give a barometer for the political climate going on around us.

Not every verbal argument is presented in a logical and pragmatic way, however, since many persuasive tactics use subjective coaxing as opposed to just knowledge.

Art in persuasion can give every citizen a voice in criticizing the tactics of Political Propaganda, and can also give us insight into various eras in history.

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Political Propaganda is non-objective information use by a government to persuade its citizens to think a certain way in order to gain favor for certain movements—often times being subjects the average person would normally not agree to. The key tool for propaganda are several types of persuasive techniques that have no merit in rational thought.

Various artists have found ways to give their criticism in the flaws in logic several politicians present. The first example of propaganda is use of the bandwagon.Art is a kind of human being phrase. Art can be seen whilst the artist sleight of hand on his mood. Art is evasive since the utilization of colors shapes together with area used adds a brand new dimension.

Art portrays various some ideas, feelings such as for instance triumph, love, pleasure, sorrow and monotony in loss to say some. Art is beauty and imagination.

History demonstrates art has been used as an important device for interaction.

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Cavemen did art on their walls utilizing unsophisticated and dull tools. The native folks of our country, the aborigines such as for example Albert Namatjira …show more content…. Ancient Egyptians, Aztecs, Incas and Mayans created numerous meticulous art pieces. Some of the careful pieces of art are masks, pyramids, jewelry, wall paintings, tombs, sarcophagi.

importance of art essay

The primal Romans and Greeks revealed their appreciation of life through art. Asia used art to exhibit their dance and their religions. The African art is symbolic of the tribal cuffs as seen of these totem poles.

Today, Art moved through numerous changes. Abstract art dominates art today shows ambiguous life a guy lives, as opposed to the unambiguous art associated with the past. Contemporary doesn't have spirituality and social values and philosophy previously and it is now a reflection of a materialistic life of today. Bill Henson, a portrait musician utilized his 12 year old Olympia as a nude model for his portrait drawing. This brought much controversy which he had been exploiting the body of an under — age girl as their own gains.

This shows that art is used for appeal and financial gain.

The Importance Of Art In Art

The message behind art would be to show some ideas and a few ideas that are relevant to culture. Galleries, parks and museums view to the public with meaningfulness and with the appreciation for art. Art continues to be effective as hand written material ended up being seen in the walls of Ancient Egypt.